Pythagoras Investing returns for Mastermyne (MYE.AX)

MYE 2017

Why the retail investor is always the last to know

No one really wants to acknowledge that they sit on the reactionary side of trading but it’s something most investors have in common.  Investment decisions are usually a reaction to an event.

Here’s an example:  An event happens to a stock, you make the decision to buy/hold/sell. Generally this  decision is a reaction of yours or others to that event.  But everyone else makes the same decision with the information about the event.

This where every investor, big or small, comes unstuck.  Trying to react after the horse has bolted is a flawed investment strategy.

How do you overcome trading after the event?

Unless you are capable of analysing the mountains of data, you’re in for a tough emotional rollercoaster trading stocks. How much of your time do you dedicate to researching and predicting stock prices?  Whatever the answer is, its never enough.

How is Pythagoras different?

What if you traded before the event? How about buying before or at the start of a price rise? What about selling when the price is about to peak before the downturn? All with mathematical precision.

Pythagoras is looking when everyone else isn’t.  And it’s doing a more that the human mind can – without prejudice and human emotion.

Simply put, we are mathematically looking at stocks and predicting events through changes in volatility. We can then predict share price behaviour – and trade ahead of the events.

We are not scared of volatile markets as Pythagoras mathematically performs at its best in difficult markets.  There is no need for fear!  It predicts the events and buys or sells ahead of them!

Buy signals with a price and timing, and sell signals with timing!


Mastermyne is a stock Pythagoras offers for clients to subscribe to.  To understand more of how Pythagoras works we are using this stock as an example of trading over the last 6-8 months.  The company is a provider of underground roadway development, installation of conveyors, design and engineering of specialised equipment and consumables to the Australian coal mining industry.  It’s in an active space.

(Click chart for a clearer view)

Pythagoras recommendations on this stock have provided great returns for the past 8 months.

  • In the first set of recommendations we have 8 buys at an average of 32 cents and a sell at 40 cents.  The profit on those buys amounted to a cumulative 57 cents.  Therefore on average each buy made 21% return.
  • In the second set of recommendations we have 8 buys at an average of 60 cents and a sell at 82 cents.The profit on those buys amounted to a cumulative $1.27.  Therefore on average each buy made 28.5% return.
  • That is a total return of $1.84 and a return of invested capital of 50% in less than 7 months.

How does it work?

Our predictive technology takes a complex snapshot of each stocks historic performance and measures volatility, allowing us to predict events that will affect the stock price.

Pythagoras has simplified investing, making it manageable even for casual investors. We give you back freedom from watching and worrying about the market!

Be ahead of the whole market with Pythagoras!

You get to act before price sensitive events. Be ahead of the market with a better return for a fraction of the time and effort.

No more tedious annual reports, stock brokers research, economic papers or expensive subscriptions.

How Do You Invest?

Don’t be the last to know – get ahead of the crowd using Pythagoras Investment Timing Indexes. Our website has all the information to show you how Volatility can be utilised to alleviate the tension and improve your life when investing.

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