Michael Dee


Trained in Accounting, Finance and Investment, Michael has spent his working life in the Finance Industry, specifically in wealth creation. Within the Finance Industry, Michael is regarded as being technically strong, with a broad knowledge base. His approach has always been to challenge the status quo, always looking for the competitive edge to improve results. Michael has long been aware of the effect of geopolitics on investment returns, recognizing that they are a subterranean force acting upon results. He became interested in the use of geopolitics to predict what event would take place next and its effect upon the share market. In doing this Michael realised what an imprecise science it was.

When presented with the concept that predicting the timing of an event that will influence the share price, is more important than what the event itself is, Michael Dee left QIC to demonstrate this. Having previously established a successful boutique Funds Management company, Michael and his team worked tirelessly on developing a method of predicting changes in volatility in the market, with the resultant change in prices. Working with Ian Rogers Co-Director, external to the industry and unconstrained by industry norms, led to an exploration of the stock market in an entirely different way and brought revolutionary insights.

There is a concept which says the world is more organised than people realise. Since the earliest times, the only way to work out issues is through mathematics. We believe that the stock market reflects a microcosm of human behaviour. The only way to de-humanise the market is through using maths. It took years to get the mathematical algorithms to support these insights, but it has been done. All the complex work is electronically programmed ‘behind the scenes.’