Pythagoras clients clean up on Santos (STO)

Santos ASX:STO

Pythagoras recommendations for Santos (STO)

Today the Santos (STO) price opened at $6.10. Our clients average buy price is $5.15 – ie a profit per trade of $0.94 or 18%. 

Over the past 3 months we have recommended buying Santos 18 times.  At $0.94 profit per trade that is a staggering total profit of $16.85.  Pythagoras has not yet recommended a sell.

Who is Santos (STO)?

Santos Limited (STO) explores for, develops, produces, transports, and markets hydrocarbons for homes, businesses, and major industries in Australia and Asia. The company produces natural gas, such as liquefied petroleum gas, ethane, methane, coal seam gas, liquefied natural gas, shale gas, and condensate, as well as oil.


Its not often that Pythagoras clients need to worry about dividends.  However today may be that day as Santos is subject to an unsolicited, non-binding, indicative and conditional proposal from Harbour Energy for it to acquire 100 per cent of Santos shares by way of a scheme of arrangement.

The indicative offer price is A$6.50 per share and represents a premium of 28 per cent to the last closing price of Santos of A$5.07 per share on 29 March 2018.  The indicative offer price is comprised of the following components: A cash offer price of A$6.13 per share; plus a special dividend of A$0.37 per share which is expected to be fully franked.  For those shareholders able to realise the full value of Santos’ franking credits, the special dividend would represent additional value over and above the indicative offer price of up to A$0.16 per share.

An unusual decision for Pythagoras Clients

But the story does not stop there.  Now clients have to consider if they want to hang on to their position to collect a dividend in the scheme of arrangement which may amount to $0.53 per share – which amounts to another $9.54 for those 18 buys.

When the Pythagoras sell comes the decision will be complicated for some.  Sell and or wait for a dividend and take the risk! There will be some behavioural biases at play in this decision!  Its unfolding fast.

 How is Pythagoras different?

What if you traded before the event like the takeover of Santos (STO) ? How about buying before or at the start of a price rise? What about selling when the price is about to peak before the downturn? All with mathematical precision.

Pythagoras is looking when everyone else isn’t.  And it’s doing more than the human mind can – without prejudice and human emotion.

Simply put, Pythagoras is mathematically looking at stocks and predicting events through changes in volatility. We then predict share price behaviour – and trade ahead of the events.

We are not scared of volatile markets as Pythagoras mathematically performs at its best in difficult markets.  There is no need for fear!  It predicts the events and buys or sells ahead of them!

Buy signals with a price and timing, and sell signals with timing!

How does it work?

Our predictive technology takes a complex snapshot of each stock’s historic performance and measures volatility, allowing us to predict events that will affect the stock price.

Pythagoras has simplified investing, making it manageable even for casual investors. We give you back freedom from watching and worrying about the market!

Be ahead of the whole market with Pythagoras!

You get to act before price-sensitive events. Be ahead of the market with a better return for a fraction of the time and effort.

No more tedious annual reports, stockbrokers research, economic papers or expensive subscriptions.

How Do You Invest?

Don’t be the last to know – get ahead of the crowd using Pythagoras Investment Timing Indexes. Our website has all the information to show you how Volatility can be utilised to alleviate the tension and improve your life when investing.

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