Trump Insiders Op-Ed. A Failed Democracy

Op-Ed confirms America Robbed of Democracy

We wrote about the failing democracy of the US and its consequences a year ago – now our concerns are being realised and it is obvious to all.

As a result of the NY Times article written on 5 September 2018 entitled “I Am Part of the Resistance Inside the Trump Administration”, Mr Trump now knows there is a significant element of government trying to undermine him and ultimately overthrow his presidency.

These quotes explain the article succinctly:

  • “I work for the president but (dozens and dozens) of like-minded colleagues and I have vowed to thwart parts of his agenda and his worst inclinations.”
  • “… many Trump appointees have vowed to do what we can to preserve our democratic institutions while thwarting Mr. Trump’s more misguided impulses until he is out of office.”

It is clear that White House officials believe their role is to save America and the world from Mr Trump.  But these public servants are robbing the American people of democracy – in order to preserve their jobs!

Purpose of a Democracy

A democracy is meant to quickly respond to the wishes of the people through their elected representatives, each with an equal voice.  In a democracy, politicians can influence the will of the people, but never dictate to them.

When people vote to install a political leader in a democracy it is expected the leader can and should deliver on their election promises.  It is the unwritten agreement between voters and their leadership.

When Mr Trump was elected we believe he intended to make good on his election promises but the arms of government have combined together to thwart his leadership.  When this happens it makes a mockery of the office of the President of the United States and renders it irrelevant.

So what happened to the agreement between the President and the people?

Government Rationale

The arms of government only take such actions because they do not trust the intent nor judgement of the Presidential office. In this way they feel justified in their actions.

By blocking the work of President Trump the arms of the government are effectively snubbing democracy – which strikes at the heart of what America is meant to hold dear.

Outcomes from ‘One Term Trump’

As a result of his lack of power, President Trump has become more and more extreme in his actions in an attempt to show his power.  The intolerance he has showed minority groups is playing out in suburbia.  We have seen the civil disturbances are leading to a lack of internal cohesiveness which will lead to economic weakness.

The stoush with North Korea is another attempt by the Presidential office to show external strength to be seen as more powerful.  His Tariff wars with the world the same.

In retaliation, the arms of government will thwart more and more.

We will never know if Trump was a good President or not – as he has been disallowed to make change.

Once deposed from office, the arms of government will feel justified in wasting a term of office as the ‘democratic system’ has been protected.  The deposed President will be outraged at his inability to seize and use the power available to him.

The people who voted for Trump will have been ignored. So too is the fact that they voted for him as they felt the system of democracy was not working.

Hence, the arms of government have stopped any chance at change to a system which feeds them, with the peoples wishes forgotten.

Is this a Democracy?

No way.

It is an abuse of power by the arms of government who are saying through their actions that democracy does not work.  In other words they are agreeing with the people who elected such a leader.  But they are actively working against the change that was asked for!

Its incomprehensible.

America: a Neutered President in a Non-functioning Democracy

The people wanted change by openly electing someone who might be able to change the system.  They knew that the cost of change might be great due to the nature of the leader.

The arms of government have said, whilst they acknowledge the need for change in the system, they will block it as it limits their power and position.

In such a situation let neither side extol the virtues of democracy.  Until America can make democracy work in their own country they shouldn’t attempt to foist it on to other countries.

Robbing the People of their Power

The only leaders in such a country are the people who used the only tool they have to bring change, their vote.

Until America recognises the rights and wisdom of their people, it will remain a country in decay.

We believe Trump is going to be a one term President – which will be unremarkable due to his lack of internal and external power.  This will further slow economic growth.

What we can draw from all of this is a long period of uncertainty and world insecurity.  Again the geopolitical machinations bring the winds of change.  The average person out there has little hope of keeping up with this, let alone being able to predict the affect upon their investments.

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