North Korean Missile Crisis

Averting the North Korean Missile Crisis(1)

Whilst it appears through cultural and trade links that the person most able to influence North Korea’s Supreme Leader is the President of China, in reality Xi Jinping is not the only one nor is he the main one.

The one who Kim Jong Un tries to copy the most is the President of Russia, Vladimir Putin.

It is President Putin who the US should work most closely with to bring reason to the Supreme Leader of North Korea.  North Korea is not, cannot and will never be a country with the power of Russia.

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Whilst the world waits for a resolution, instability is one thing we can count on.

US-North Korea a contained situation

Thus the US-North Korea situation is a controlled firestorm at present, with lots of impacts to come from it as it reshapes a lot of future International policies and practices.

The bigger problem is that it continues to show that man believes that he shapes the future and it discounts the economic and emotional effects of natural disasters which continue unabated and largely under-reported.


What we can draw from all of this is a long period of uncertainty and world insecurity, as new powers try to assert themselves.

Each event and each natural disaster will affect the markets, as will the internal issues within the US.  The average person out there has little hope of keeping up with this, let alone being able to predict the effect upon their investments.

What do we do?

We follow the changes in our Pythagoras Investment Timing Indexes. They offer a mathematical understanding of the stock market through Volatility, which show that price sensitive events are predictable from changes in Volatility (i.e. in advance of price moves). These changes lead to buy/sell recommendations.

We recommend a sell when the market/stock is at risk of going down, or no-where. At these times we recommend investing in cash, and await the buying opportunity. When the market/stock is less risky, and it’s going to go up, we reinvest to profit.

How Do You Protect Yourself ?

Don’t be the last to know – get ahead of the crowd using Pythagoras  Investment Timing Indexes.  Our website has all the information to show you how Volatility can be utilised to alleviate the tension and improve your life when investing, especially when the going is hard like it was in the GFC 1.

How did you fare in financial year 2008/2009 when the return for the stock market was -24% ?  In that terrible year, for the 70+ stocks Pythagoras is currently offering, our recommendations returned +12% – a massive 36% better.  This could have been you.

Our 5 year returns are worth a look.

5 year chart

Conclusion: The Key to Making Money is Selling.

The key to making money in any market is selling before any negative event. Pythagoras generates the sells before the events with share price effects – its proactive not reactive.

Investors know it’s rare for all stocks to go down all the time, all at once. Even in a bear market there are upward moves to profit from – if you have the right buy/sell recommendations.

Therefore Pythagoras can make money in any market regardless of the investment environment – in fact it’s best in the tough markets. We worry less about the events and their timing and focus on Volatility changes. At Pythagoras we follow changes in Volatility which precede the events. This places us at the forefront of investing.

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