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Don't react to events, let Pythagoras predict them for you!

Most share market analysis is reactive. Information is disclosed to the market, analysis occurs and then trading occurs in response to that information. Pythagoras is revolutionary. We have proven our system’s ability to consistently predict the timing of upcoming share events and their positive or negative price effects. We are the only ones who can advise you exactly when to buy or sell before these events with share price effects even occur! No-one in the world comes close to being as accurate as Pythagoras. You’ll know exactly what to do before a share price change and reap the rewards of acting faster and smarter than the competition.

Pythagoras stock recommendations have returned an average of 20% per year over the past 10 years . How do we create such outstanding returns, regardless of a good or bad market? We are the only ones who can mathematically predict share price behaviour so you can buy or sell before a share price change!

Don't rely on competitors' advice that arrives too late...

Our competitors re-work information that is already known. We use entirely new ground-breaking knowledge and logic using a mathematically precise system and our results lead the whole market. Our mathematical system does all the complex analysis for you, eliminating human error, bias and emotion. Our predictive technology takes a complex snapshot of each stocks’ historic performance and measures volatility, allowing us to mathematically predict events that will affect your chosen stocks’ price.

Pythagoras returns remain unbeaten. During the Global Financial Crisis our recommendations beat the stock market by 42%! Our average return for our 70+ stock recommendations over the past 5 years is 18.1%. At the same time, stock market growth was 6.1% per annum. In the 2017 calendar year our recommendations returned more than 26.5%, 19.5% better than the market growth. What return did you get?

Every investor’s dream is to be able to predict share prices. Pythagoras does exactly this. Our mathematical buy and sell recommendations take away all the guess work. We have given the power back to the investor. You don’t have to be market savvy, we free you from the complex and stressful task of staying on top of share market fluctuations and your investments. No tedious annual reports, stock brokers research, economic papers or expensive subscriptions. Release your time to enjoy the lifestyle you’ve earned and we’ll keep you not only on top of the market but ahead of it!

Be the first to know when to let high performing stocks run and when to sell before everyone else.