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After all that has happened to markets in the past year everyone is keen to maximise returns.  This page is for those who want to investigate an additional way to make money in the market. Pythagoras mathematically predicts share price behaviour - and recommends buying or selling ahead of those changes.

Opportunities to make money by buying low often come at times of crisis.  As Winston Churchill said, “Never let a good crisis go to waste” - especially if there is a profit on the other side!  A crisis doesn't have to be a pandemic - mini crises are happening all the time - offering opportunity to profit.

Examples of Trading in A2 Milk during the Pandemic

As an example of how we invest using our volatility indexes here is the chart referred to in the podcast.  

Our mathematical system predicted instability at the start of March and sold A2 Milk ahead of the OPEC meeting which caused the markets to tumble.

After the sale (shown in orange), our recommendations began to buy (shown in blue) into the weakness - 4 times in March, leading to profits of 9.2% per buy once stability began. At the same time the market fell 18%.

Our system is making a new decision every day. Not long after the sell the maths predicted a higher sell opportunity.   This led to another buying phase.  After 4 more buys in April the sell generated a return of another 9.0% for each buy.

We have many clients generating great returns using the recommendations on A2M and scores of other stocks. Pythagoras makes it easy by doing all the work behind the scenes so our clients can trust the maths and get on with enjoying life.

A2Milk (A2M.AX) Mar - April 2020

Opportunities to take advantage of natural price cycles present themselves for those with the know-how to buy low and sell high.

About Pythagoras

Pythagoras utilises 130,000+ lines of mathematical programming to do all the research and complex analysis that no team of humans can. It took 10 years of ground-breaking research to perfect our market-leading mathematical algorithms. We can advise you of precisely when to buy or sell before share price events even occur because our innovative system mathematically predicts the timing of upcoming share events and their price effects. Reap the rewards of acting faster and smarter. Enjoy time to do the things you love, rather than watching and worrying about your money in the market.

Our average realized return for our 70+ stock recommendations over the past 5 calendar years is 18.2%. At the same time, stock market growth was 4.7% per annum. Experience the way Pythagoras works to produce its market leading results!

Free Trial Offer

We offer an obligation free trial of our services. Setting up your trial isn't hard - we don't need a credit card or direct debit details. We always recommend a discussion to explain how Pythagoras works to remove human biases, save you time, reduce your stress and boost your investment returns.  No more research needed! We will need your mobile number so we can text you the recommendations during the trial.  Experience the way Pythagoras works to produce its unbeaten market leading results!

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