Pythagoras leads the market in predictive investment knowledge.

It takes a snapshot of every stocks historic performance and measures volatility, allowing it to predict future share price moves. No-one else in the world can do this.

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Pythagoras Investment Timing Indexes

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Buy & Sell recommendations before the events that change the share price.

Algorithms that don’t rely on rumour or gut feel like many popular investing newsletters.

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No more tedious annual reports, stock brokers research, economic papers or expensive subscriptions.

Eliminate expensive ‘full service broker’ fees and investment advice fees.

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Stop stressing about investing.
With a superior investment success rate Pythagoras lets winners run and cuts losers early.
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Who Are We?


Michael Dee


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Trained in Accounting, Finance and Investment, Michael has spent his working life in the Finance Industry, specifically in wealth creation.
He rose through various Industry positions, culminating with him holding a Senior Management role with Queensland Investment Corporation (QIC). In this role Michael was extremely successful through his innovative approach to investment.

Within the Finance Industry, Michael is regarded as being technically strong, with a broad knowledge base. His approach has always been to challenge the status quo, always looking for the competitive edge to improve results.

Michael has long been aware of the effect of geopolitics on investment returns, recognizing that they are a subterranean force acting upon results. He became interested in the use of geopolitics to predict what event would take place next and its effect upon the market. In doing this Michael realised what an imprecise science it was.

When presented with the concept that predicting the timing of an event was more important than what the event was, he realized its significance and in order to pursue this line of work he left QIC to set up on his own.

Having established a successful boutique Funds Management company, Michael has worked tirelessly on developing a method of predicting changes in volatility in the market, with the resultant change in prices. This has been done using mathematical solutions, with all the complex work done electronically ‘behind the scenes’.

Michael’s working life has led him to this point, using an innovative approach, challenging the status quo, all with a view to changing investment dynamics in both individuals and organisations.

In launching Pythagoras as its inaugural CEO, Michael’s work begins, not ends.